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It's been over 20 years since we laid the foundation for NDCom. Initially known as "NoDiCom", it became "NDCom" in 2005.

At that time there was no iPhone, Internet Explorer still existed in version 6, NDCom was still a small system house and we offered almost all IT-related services. From trade to service and website creation.

Since then we have steadily expanded our expertise, so that today we can offer sustainable and highly professional solutions in the Magento and Shopware environment. In the area of ​​content management systems (CMS) we rely on Joomla! and WordPress and can also offer our customers full service in this area.

Our portfolio is rounded off by individual developments (mostly based on PHP). Of course we are constantly evolving. But one thing has remained from the beginning: fun with sustainable and modern eCommerce solutions for our customers.

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Mission statement, values ​​and commitment

We work remotely, don't have a fixed office workplace and are at home all over the world. Through this decentralized organization, we make it possible for everyone in the world to work with us - wherever they are.


With this approach, we promote accessibility, inclusion, work-life balance and environmental protection.


Our goal is to enable everyone to work in an environment tailored to their individual needs. This makes it easier for us to integrate our work into our lives and reach our full potential - while bringing together the best talent from around the world in one team.


We are a strong team. We take our work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, combining design with advice, content, code and feedback from our customers.

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How we work

Our consulting, development and deployment process is lively and is constantly being optimized and improved. Basically, a typical project on our side runs as follows:

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1. onBoarding

We will discuss the basics for the project to be implemented with you in one or possibly even several "onBoarding meetings". The first step is to collect all customer specifications and requests.

This onboarding is comparable to the creation of a functional and requirement specification, as was common "in the past".

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2. Offer

We create an offer based on the path and destination jointly determined during onboarding. In most cases, this offer is a so-called "agile fixed price offer". This means that we give you a fixed price based on the information available through onboarding.
The disadvantage of such a fixed price, however, would be that the requirements and the resulting price information are very rigid and inflexible. And in both directions.

For this reason, we also offer the so-called "agile" approach. Here you receive (similar to the fixed price) a kind of "basic product" for a previously defined price. However, you can still make further requests and suggestions at any time during development. We then create further individual offers or cost estimates and consider together with you whether and how these wishes and suggestions can then be implemented. 

For you, this results in maximum flexibility and also the possibility of giving individual functions or function blocks the appropriate priority. For us, this agility naturally also represents a corresponding level of security, as it allows us to plan precisely.

This provides the highest possible transparency and plannability for both sides.

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3. Development & Implementation

After accepting our offer, we start to implement the project. Here we also rely on an agile methodology by using various elements from the so-called SCRUM framework, such as

  • Daily Standup Meetings
  • Weekly Sprint-Plannings
  • Weekly Customer-JourFixes
  • Code-Reviews

We constantly roll out our developments (available individually for each project) TEST systems and promptly carry out a corresponding quality assurance (QA).


After completion and another test by our QA, you will receive the function/extension or similar on a STAGE system (also set up individually for each project). If necessary, you can use this system to check the progress of the work together with our project management team.


We use different techniques to ensure that, for example, only you and we have access to this system and that no real customer data is used.

Agentur - Unsere Arbeit - GoLive

4. Acceptance and GoLive

We agree with you when the project or individual parts of it go "live", since various follow-up processes usually depend on us. It is often already discussed during onboarding which steps have to be taken when and how exactly.

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Agentur - Unsere Arbeit - Support

5. Bug fixes and enhancements

A very honest sentence on our part:
Error-free software never exists – despite intensive tests and approvals!

This is an experience that we had to make in almost 20 years in the field of software development. 

In this respect, there are always bug fixes or desired or necessary extensions. Of course, you are not left alone with this and we will do everything we can to “turn” such “loops” (also called iterations) together with you.