Our Products

Over the past few years, we have developed nearly 100 "products" (mostly in the form of extensions and plugins).

Many of them arose from the most diverse requirements of our customers and were then continuously improved by us. You can find some of them listed here.
Just ask us about further options and individual modules and adjustments.

Order on behalf

With this module you can place orders on behalf of another user. You can assign several users to one user and organize for which users he can order.


  • Place orders for other users.
  • Automatic access to user addresses.
  • Selection of the user for whom the order should be made after logging in with your own user.
  • Allocation of users for which orders can be placed via the backend.
  • Users on whose behalf orders can be placed can be restricted by website and customer group.


When using this module, you have the possibility to carry out a "demand to carry out a "needs assessment" at your customers on definable dates. This enables you or your customers to communicate the demand for goods and later to convert them into an order.

This saves you a lot of time and effort in communicating with your customers, because the "needs assessment" for the customer works almost identically to a real order. a real order. The customer enters his "demand" in the same way as a real order and receives a real order at a time defined by you. a real order at a time defined by you by means of a simple conversion.

You have the possibility to determine in advance exactly how much goods you need to produce or even order yourself. Over-production or over-ordering are now a thing of the past.


The budget module is a flexible and efficient tool for marketing and sales management. User budgets can be managed via the budget management.


  • Set and edit budgets.
  • Budgets can be set across websites and users.
  • The position of the budget display (for checking) can be adjusted in several places.
  • You can set whether shipping and ancillary costs are a burden on the budget.
  • Budget as an independent payment method, so other payment methods can also be used.
  • Optional: time-limited blocking of budgets if several users can access them at the same time.
  • Set unlimited budgets.


Our accounts receivable management enables you to use accounts receivable in addition to end users (customers). These debtors can, for example, be your own branches or warehouses.
This gives you the option of invoicing your customer's order via specified billing offices.

This is interesting, for example, for intra-group orders and settlements. 

Even if you do dropshipping, using accounts receivable in conjunction with our other B2B modules can be interesting.


  • Debtors can be configured via the admin.
  • A user/orderer can place orders for different debtors in the web shop or he is assigned a fixed debtor.
  • The billing address is no longer entered manually by the user, but by selecting from a structured and qualified data pool.
  • The assignment between user and customer addresses can be 1 to 1, 1 to n, n to 1 or any defined selection from the customer pool
  • An admin user can create a new debtor, change an existing debtor and assign users to debtors.
  • In this way, address duplicates and incorrect address entries are almost impossible and the billing address can be changed globally.
  • Users with assigned debtors cannot change the billing/customer addresses.
  • Depending on the configuration, a selection of debtors can be changed as a mandatory query after login or at any time after login via a menu.


Our "Costcenter" module allows you to enter defined or free costcenters before placing an order. These costcenters are then of course included in the executed order and also passed on to downstream interfaces.

This gives you the opportunity to allocate the orders of your users, such as employee orders, to individual cost centers and thus structure your business processes professionally and make them transparent.


  • Cost centers can be activated and deactivated.
  • restrictive use of cost centers.
  • free use of cost centers.
  • “Loop through” the cost centers through the entire ordering process.
  • include the cost centers in the final order up to the export.

News Widget

Do you have an announcement to make in your shop, such as "company holidays" or "special sale"? Then our NewsWidget is the right solution.

Our NewsWidget allows you to place "News" on a CMS page, such as the home page, in a time- and environment-controlled manner.


  • time-controlled display (start and end date).
  • Freely selectable CMS block.
  • Style freely selectable and configurable.

PDF Catalog

The PDF catalog module enables the assortment to be exported as a PDF catalogue. This is generated at a specified interval (e.g. daily) based on the assortment. By using PDFrePRO, the catalog can be adapted to individual needs down to the last detail.


  • Show/hide categories in PDF catalog.
  • Use different templates for each StoreView or website.
  • Exclude products from catalog.
  • Product sorting by price, name, or SKU.
  • Button or dropdown for the download in the shop possible at several specified positions.
  • Pixel-precise positioning of content possible.
  • Automatic creation of an order form in Excel format.
  • Optional display of the creation date of the catalog in the shop.
  • Daily automatic generation with current data.

Role Management

Our role management allows you to assign roles and rights beyond the standard functions of Magento.management


This is done on the basis of individual customer groups, which you can assign to individual functions or functional areas in an almost freely definable manner. You decide what the user can see and/or use in the frontend and what not.

Quick Order

Our "quick order " allows your customers to enter their order requests quickly and easily without having to click from category to category or from product to product.


The quick order is defined as a separate category so that you can include or exclude products or add special products.


The quick order list is very interesting, especially in combination with our “Demand”-Module, because it allows you to work very quickly and effectively and to query or communicate the relevant information.

Avialability Display

Our "extended availability display" module improves the display of the availability of the items in the shop and supplements it with additional information such as the display of an available remaining quantity.


  • Extended availability display in categories, product detail pages, item lists (e.g. in our "Quickorder" module) and in the shopping cart.
  • Display of different warnings (e.g. for discontinued items, when the notification limit has been reached, etc.).
  • Configurable warning texts (text content & colors).
  • Date display from when an article is available again.
  • Seamless interaction with other modules from our company (e.g. quickorder).


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